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For the Love of Peace!

For the Love of Peace!“I was enjoying a spring ride on my Sobi Hamilton bike and came across what is left of the Peace Memorial School, named as a tribute to those who died in WWI” writes Gene Wasik.  “Part of the school was used as a military recovery ward”.

One Dreamy Morning!

One Dreamy Morning!Bert Knol captured the spectacular sunrise we had on the morning of March 31st from the Aldershot side of the Burlington Bay.

Partial Eclipse of the Moon!

Partial Eclipse of the Moon!“Looking out my front window on Hamilton Mountain at about 6:30 a.m. on April 5th, the partial eclipse of the moon was just visible”, writes Keith Clark. “The moon was rapidly setting and 10 minutes later it was no longer in view”.


Abandoned Pirate Ship?

Abandoned Pirate Ship?Located off the QEW in St. Catharines, this mysterious ship is actually a replica of the Grande Hermine, a ship that French explorer, Jacques Cartier, sailed to explore the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes in 1535. Submitted by JoAnn Fougere.

Enjoying the Sun!

Enjoying the Sun!Walking through Woodland Cemetery, I came across this Red Fox sitting, just enjoying the sun. Submitted by Jeff Barbour.

Frozen Bubble!

Frozen Bubble!Mother Nature creates some interesting patterns in this frozen bubble.  Created and submitted by Steve Hoedt in a -24C February morning in Dunnville.

The Winter Express!

The Winter Express!Bob Richert captured this train crossing the Grand River dam at Caledonia with mostly solid ice on the river.



“ICESCAPE”! - Nature can be both severe and beautiful at the same time as witnessed by this frozen scene along the Lakeshore in Stoney Creek.  Submitted by George Johnson.


Frozen Dover!

Frozen Dover!A beautiful bright day in Port Dover, ice and sun always makes a good photo!  Submitted by Val Patterson.



Unoccupied... Following a little snow fall, this bench near the Chedoke Trail looked diminished and lonely, yet the scene was so lovely and picturesque. Submitted by Neville Newman.

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