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Showdown!A squirrel and a hawk are having a confrontation! Or a conversation. Taken by Michael Hunter.

Sunny Winter Day

Sunny Winter DayA lovely city view from Sam Lawrence Park. Sent in by Jim Ecclestone.

Not Happy Campers!

Not Happy Campers!“In the midst of the freezing rain storm I glanced out of my window to see these two Mourning Doves huddled on the bird feeding station.” Sent by Bernadette Homerski.

Love is in the Air

Love is in the AirTwo coyotes rubbing each other’s noses as seen from the backyard looking out onto Bruleville Park on Hamilton Mountain. Submitted by Charles Dimitry.

Feed Me!

Feed Me!“I am sure that is what this Swan was yelling at me. Followed me until I gave it a handful of bird feed at La Salle Marina.” Submitted by Jim Auty.

On a Chilly Walk

On a Chilly WalkWalking at Spencer Smith Park on one of the coldest day in Burlington this year. Taken by Norelyn Macalma-Early.

Poised for Flight

Poised for FlightThis photo was taken in the Grindstone Marsh at the RBG. Sent by Sergio Spadafora.

Shy Observer

Shy Observer“This little fellow caught my eye while walking in the Dundas Valley.” Sent by Doug Ward.

Ice Boarding

Ice BoardingIce boarding just beside the 403, McQuesten High Level Bridge in the background. Ice in Cootes Paradise covered with snow, strong wind blowing – perfect conditions. Taken by Milena Zofcinova.

Popular Hang-Out

Popular Hang-OutShort-eared owls enjoying a beautiful day. Taken by Tim Serneels.

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