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Mink at Princess Point

Mink at Princess Point“After finding a hole in the ice, the mink came up with a fish.” Submitted by Stewart Jarvis.

Maple on Snow

Maple on Snow“The recent snowfall brought down the last leaves from the Japanese maple at the end of my front garden! It was worth a bit of shoveling” writes Michael Holmes.

Little Canterbury Falls

Little Canterbury FallsWhile the colours in the surrounding forest were quite strong, in the gorge where the falls are situated, there were still a considerable amount of green foliage.  Submitted by Neville Newman.

Advice From a Sunflower

Advice From a SunflowerBe bright, sunny and positive.  Spread seeds of happiness.  Rise, shine and hold your head high.  Photo submitted by Craig Harding.

Look Up!

Look Up!It’s a great time to be outdoors and enjoying the Autumn colours. Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Late Bloomer!

Late Bloomer!I always find it’s the rose that blooms in the Fall that is the most beautiful… from our garden in Stoney Creek.  Submitted by Bill Poole.


Pumpkins and Colourful Fall Leaves

Pumpkins and Colourful Fall LeavesWonderful Fall happenings are ready to enjoy!  Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!A mink having lunch at Princess Point.  Submitted by Stewart Jarvis.

Feeding Time!

Feeding Time!It is a quiet multitude of little miracles that makes life sweet.  Submitted by Sunita Ryzewics.

Dreamy Moon!

Dreamy Moon!Looking out my window at sunset, it always amazes me at what a magnificent artist nature is.  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

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