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A Rare “Beauty”

A Rare "Beauty"“While walking the trails at Royal Botanical Gardens, I stumbled upon this beautiful and rare Piebald White-tail deer” writes Peter Granka.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for SpringThis grumpy squirrel does not look like it’s enjoying the cold weather. Sent by Kevin Saloranta.

Posing for the Visitors

Posing for the Visitors“On a visit to the Hendrie Valley behind the RBG in Burlington, I found this cute multi-coloured (brown, red and grey) squirrel sitting at a tree stump.” Sent by Joseph Hollick.

Pine Marten

Pine MartenA curious citizen of Algonquin peeking in on the humans camping nearby. Hoping for a tasty treat? Submitted by Tim Serneels.

Fast Food

Fast Food“This beaver came up from his lodge at the waterfront long enough to enjoy a quick snack.” Sent by Lois McNaught.

On The Prowl

On The Prowl“I stopped in my tracks to capture one of two coyotes on the prowl in Hamilton…..they seemed to be pretty fearless. “ Submitted by Pat Wintemute.

Beautiful Marten

Beautiful MartenTim Serneels was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this Pine Marten on his recent camping trip in Algonquin.

Two Wild Turkeys in the Yard

Two Wild Turkeys in the Yard“These two wild turkeys came into our backyard and spent about 40 minutes looking for food. Great delight.” Submitted by Bob Parker.

Checking on the Neighbours

Checking on the Neighbours“We found this visitor to our backyard enjoying the sunshine” writes Robert Lee.

Young Buck!

Young Buck!A young buck in the wonderful Dundas Valley. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

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