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Beautiful Lady!

Beautiful Lady!Beauty in the garden of Echinacea.  Submited by John Rigg.

“Bee-sy” Working!

"Bee-sy" Working!Watching the bees work hard in the garden.  Submitted by Patrizia Fazzari.

Beauties in my Garden!

Beauties in my Garden!Susan Culp was enjoying the beautiful Amaryllis blooms in her garden!

In Our Garden!

In Our GardenTwo hummingbirds peacefully sharing a Monarda…for a moment anyway!  Submitted by Dianne Seed.

Stop and Smell The…

Stop and Smell The...Jersey is enjoying the summer flowers.  Submitted by Stephanie Pell.

Floating Beauty!

Floating Beauty!“I took a picture of this beautiful Water Lily in the pond of Rob and Sil Weiss in Stoney Creek Mountain,” writes John Weiss. “A sure sign that the summer season is truly here, in all its splendor!“

Sweet Nectar!

Sweet Nectar!Glenn Petersen was out for a walk on his farm and came across this beautiful Monarch butterfly on a Milkweed flower.

Prickly Beauty!

Prickly Beauty!Beware my pretty prickly pear, lest pins and needles be your fare!  Submitted by John Rigg.

Butterfly on Butterfly

Butterfly on ButterflyEvelyn Kenna was feeling lucky when she caught this photo of a Monarch Butterfly on the Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) in her front garden. “Monarch caterpillars are completely dependent on milkweed for their survival.  This is a “must-have” perennial for every garden!”

In Full Bloom!

In Full Bloom!Beautiful flowers in full bloom at the Laking Gardens in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

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