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Living in Harmony!

Living in Harmony!Emily Seguin found these two horses happily sharing their space with these two little goats; they were so happy and content with each other that made her feel the same way.


Fore!Coyotes take over Kings Forest Golf Course now that the golfers are gone.  Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming!“Fergus wants to encourage all Hamiltonians to get out and enjoy the beautiful trails we have to explore!” writes Stephenie Hillsley.

Flowing Beauty!

Flowing Beauty!A beautiful Autumn day at Red Hill Creek. Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Enjoying The Outdoors!

Enjoying The Outdoors!I’m just a dog that loves nature’s beauty. Submitted by Janine Weaver

Hiker’s Delight!

Hiker's Delight!It’s a 50m drop down to 40 Mile Creek below the Bruce Trail at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area in Grimsby. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.

A Bug’s Life!

A Bug's Life!We caught a picture of this insect, very well camouflaged on a pine cone, when taking a walk in our Dundas neighborhood. Submitted by Robert Lee.

At the Top of the Peak!

At the Top of the Peak!This is Fergus enjoying the Dundas Peak for the first time! Submitted by Stephenie Hillsley.

The Calm After the Storm!

The Calm After the Storm!Over Case United Church in Glanbrook, Ontario.  Submitted by Florence Fluit.

Pride, Celebration and Honour!

Submitted by Anita Kanwar.

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