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Magnificent Catch!

Magnificent Catch!Fishermen catch a beautiful sunset on the bay.  Submitted by Phil Beard.

Soaring Into The Sunset!

Soaring Into The Sunset!Beautiful shot taken in Port Dover at sundown. Submitted by Joseph Duenas.

Their Last Sunset!

Their Last Sunset!These are the iconic Nanticoke Power Generation Smoke Stacks on their last sunset… what a beauty! Submitted by Jim Auty.

Icy Steeltown Sunset

Icy Steeltown Sunset“In the moment I just had to stop and snap this picture. As a lifelong steelworker and somebody so proud of this town, it’s what summed it all up for me.”  Submitted by Steve House.

A Beautiful Caledonia Sunset!

A Beautiful Caledonia Sunset!Submitted by Rick Grant.

A Lovely Evening!

A Lovely Evening!“This pic was taken as my wife and I took a stroll on Pier 8 in front of Williams”, writes Rob Marsh. “I was thinking how much nicer the area looked than when I worked for the Harbour Police as a student 40 years ago!”

Sunset on the Grand!

Sunset on the Grand!We were crossing the Dunnville bridge over the Grand River during a short break between rain showers when we saw this spectacular sunset. Submitted by Betsy McBurney.

Sunset at Bayfront Park

Sunset at Bayfront Park“We were enjoying music and cars at “Rocking the Waterfont” at Pier 4”, writes Rita Gaudreau. “Walking back to my car, I caught this breathtaking sunset”.

Summer Sunset

Summer SunsetAlways peaceful and beautiful. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Evening Sky Over Winona

Evening Sky Over WinonaEckhard Kries took this photo of another magnificent sunset from his backyard on Lake Ontario.


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