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A Dog’s Life!

A Dog's Life!Buster and Otis enjoying their cozy bed.  Submitted by Nan Marr, Dunnville.

Hey Hay!

Hey Hay!Murphy and Charlie enjoy supporting our local farmers.  Submitted by Milena Head.

Meet Oliver!

Meet Oliver!Our new puppy, Ollie, was exploring the backyard on a warm and wet summer evening.  Submitted by Hank Rintjema.

Lucky Day!

Lucky Day!This is Apollo (@wildchildapollo on Instagram) posing in front of a beautiful rainbow.  Submitted by Jada Zita.

Sun Tanning!

Sun Tanning!This is Bentley, our 2 year old Basenji. He loves lying around the pool enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Submitted by Chris Peitchinis.

Maximum Enjoyment!

Maximum Enjoyment!This is Max having a great time at Dundas Driving Park with his new buddy.  Submitted by Patricia Ann Brown.

Enjoying the Heat!

Enjoying the Heat!Murphy and Charlie staying cool (and looking cool!) during the dog days of summer.  Submitted by Milena Head.

Ralph, The Big Brown Dog!

Ralph, The Big Brown Dog!My dog, Prince George, visited Ralph, the dog at City Hall.  Submitted by Patricia Thede.

Stop and Smell The…

Stop and Smell The...Jersey is enjoying the summer flowers.  Submitted by Stephanie Pell.

Summer Vibe!

Summer Vibe!Jaxie: Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself. Submitted by Cyndy Garr.

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