Monthly Archives: June 2016

It Smells Pretty in the City!

It Smells Pretty in the City!Sheepadoodle, Murphy, is enjoying our lilac season. Submitted by Gord Head of Ancaster.


Living the Life!

Living the Life!This is Jake, enjoying the heat wave and living in the lap of luxury.  Submitted by Alicia Nisbet.

Just so Darn Cute…

Just so darn cute...Just so darn cute is this little fox kit wondering who I am and why I continue to click this thing I’m holding. Picture taken by Pat Wintemute, Dundas


Kids are Always Yelling!

Kids are Always Yelling!“Here is a photo I caught outside my window”, writes Bob Hatcher. “The baby was yelling for something. It reminded me of my own kids”.

Sunset Sailing!

Sunset Sailing!“We went for a lovely after dinner stroll at our favourite place to go, Bayfront Park”, writes Mary Johnston. “What a beautiful weekend it was! Mother Nature was definitely in a good mood!”

Migration Complete!

Migration Complete!Like clockwork, spring migration is complete with the arrival of Indigo Buntings. Submitted by Richard Zazulak, Dundas.

Is it Nap Time Yet?

Is It Nap Time Yet?A tired fox is caught on camera mid yawn. Submitted by Matthew Fotheringham.

Hello, Yellow Beauty!

Hello, Yellow Beauty!This brilliantly yellow goldfinch enjoys a solitary visit to our backyard finch feeder! Submitted by Kathy Pickering, Burlington.

Fun Under the Sun!

Fun Under the Sun!Five month old, Pecan, enjoying the spring violets!  Submitted by Heidi Perron.

In Our Own Backyard!

In Our Own Backyard!Two of Ontario’s finest captured in one image. Webster’s Falls under a beautiful sunset, captured at the most perfect time! Submitted by Spencer Smye.

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