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Gabbing at the Feeder

Gabbing at the FeederOn the left a House Wren, on the right is a Downy Woodpecker. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Getting a Winter Tan

Getting a Winter TanHere’s a picture of a female Cardinal soaking in the sun following the storm a few weeks ago. Submitted by Jean-Michel Pranno.

Nice Hair!

Nice Hair!

Nice Hair!

This male Hooded Merganser was showing off his fancy hairdo to all the lady ducks at the Harbourfront. Photo taken by Lois McNaught.

Did I Just Get a Tweet?

Did I Just Get a Tweet?During the bitter cold a flock of chickadees was searching for food when one stopped to check his messages. Sent by Sharon Nethercott.

Nocturnal Watcher


Nocturnal Watcher“This Eastern Screech was sitting out on display just before dusk.” Submitted by Tim Serneels.

Relaxing Swim

Relaxing SwimLongtail Duck at Lakeshore on the Lake Burlington. Photo taken by Stewart Jarvis.

Singin’ in the Sun

Singin' in the Sun“This American Finch was happy to be singing in the morning sun, a perfect morning exploring Cootes Paradise.” Captured by Nick Dunham.


Catching Some Rays

Catching Some RaysKaren Cunningham said: “The sun shone beautifully on the ice and this Canada Goose at Bayfront Park.”

Spencer Creek Crowd

Spencer Creek CrowdCanada Geese enjoying the winter weather on Spencer Creek in Flamborough. Sent by Gedas Blekaitis.

Connecting with Nature

Connecting with NatureAngela Mercurio and Jaden Fraser were both enjoying nature at its finest and making new friends!

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