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Nice and Warm!

Nice and Warm!This is Abby, enjoying the warmth of the fire on a cold afternoon.  Submitted by Rob Roy of Binbrook.

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!This is a picture of Lulu enjoying the first major snowfall of 2015!  Submitted by Susan Scott.

She’s a Real Character!

She's a Real Character!This is “Baba”. Her hobbies are chasing a laser, sniffing catnip and keeping me up at night.  Submitted by Susan Tyo.

Her First Snow Day!

Her First Snow Day!This is Miss Penni enjoying her first snow day, and with more snow on the way, she’s more excited!  Submitted by Jenna McClory.

Oh No! They Caught Me Again!

Oh No!  They Caught Me Again!This is Mia. She loves rolling around in the bathroom sink, but hates getting caught.  Submitted by Mary Sharpe.

Motherly Love!

Motherly Love!This is Lady, my 18 month old Bullmastiff, who has adopted this little stray kitten we took in.  Submitted by Terri-Anne Watkins.

Graduation Photo!

Graduation Photo!This is our rescued dog, Cookie, who just graduated from obedience school.
Submitted by Chuck Burdick

Nap Time

Nap Time!Mylo and Lucy enjoy taking their nap together.  Submitted by Sarah and Abbey Hamilton.

Zolie the Rescue Dog!

Zolie The Rescue DogMy daughter, Becky, drove 8 hours to rescue Zolie! She is a happy dog running and romping with her forever family!  Submitted by Irene Taylor.

Am I Cute Or What?

Am I Cute or What?Clyde loves to pose for pictures. Here he is giving his Mom his cutest look.

Submitted by Louann Myke

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