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River Rescue Practice

River Rescue PracticeThe Haldimand Fire Department “Caledonia” practicing a river rescue above the Caledonia Dam. Taken by Rick Grant.


HuntingWhen you look up, usually way up… you might just see the red tail hawk, perched patiently, waiting for his next meal. Taken by Susanne Swayze.

Morning Dog Walk

Morning Dog WalkThese pups are not bothered by the cold or the snow, as long as they get a nice long walk. Sent by Jennifer Saunders.

Dressed to Impress

Dressed to ImpressHere is a beautiful horse keeping warm in its winter coat. Taken by Pat Brown.

Gabbing at the Feeder

Gabbing at the FeederOn the left a House Wren, on the right is a Downy Woodpecker. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Train Passing Through

Train Passing ThroughTaken from Ferguson Avenue in Hamilton by James Knott.

Face Off with the Intruders

Face Off with the IntrudersStella, the Golden Retriever, defends her territory by barking up a storm at the two visiting coyotes.  Taken by Charles Dimitry.

Into the Sun

Into the SunBeautiful view from Bronte Pier, Oakville. Submitted by Norelyn Macalma-Early.

Yet Another Clean Up

Yet Another Clean UpA local man clears snow off of a driveway at sunset after yet another storm hit the Hamilton area the night prior. Submitted by Ryan Gaynor.

Getting a Winter Tan

Getting a Winter TanHere’s a picture of a female Cardinal soaking in the sun following the storm a few weeks ago. Submitted by Jean-Michel Pranno.

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