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Sailing Takes me Away!

Sailing Takes Me Away!We were having a walk along York Boulevard when we saw this delightful, peaceful scene on the Bay. Submitted by Pat Brown.



Summer in Hamilton!

Summer in Hamilton!“One of my favourite activities in the summer months is to spend the evenings down at Princess Point, listening to the birds chirping as the sun sets”, writes Mallory Peirce. “Every night I fall deeper in love with our city and its hidden gems.”

Because I’m Still In Love With You…

Because I'm Still In Love with You!August Harvest Moon caught in time!  Submitted by Kelly Pattison.

A Blast of Colour!

A Blast of Colour!“Gage Park saw crowds of people coming together to learn more about yoga, spiritual well-being and most of all, friendship, at the Midsummer’s Dream Festival”, writes Rob Muir. “It was great to see people of all ages having fun”.


Sunset and a Movie!

Sunset and a Movie!They had a nice turnout in Kilbride Park to watch Finding Nemo.  Submitted by Tim Serneel.


Dog Days of Summer!

Dog Days of Summer!This is Willy, relaxing and enjoying the pool.  Submitted by Colleen Gruba.

Sunset Over the Bay!

Sunset Over the Bay!I captured this couple enjoying the last rays of the day from the Argyll Pavilion in Bayfront Park during a week of amazing sunsets. Submitted by Jim Smith.


Sunshine Superflower!

Sunshine Superflower!It’s that time of the year again and Bogel Seeds had thousands of sunflowers in bloom. A great path to walk around as you take pictures. Submitted by Jim Auty.

Beautiful Night to Watch a Soccer Game!

Beautiful Night to Watch a Soccer Game!We were treated to a great game, a great stadium and a wonderful sky at one of the Canadian women’s soccer game. Submitted by Dan Hickey.



An Evening at the Beach!

An Evening at the Beach!A gorgeous summer night stroll with my girls along Hamilton beachfront. Submitted by Kelly Pattison.

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