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Welcome Visitor in Our Garden

Welcome Visitor in Our Garden“We were surprised to find this female Praying Mantis when my husband was cleaning out the garden”, writes Betty Vander Wier.  “She blended in perfectly with the dead foliage“.

Frog in the Dahlias

Frog in the DahliasI found this little guy hiding in my garden.  Submitted by Irene Cizikas, Lynden.

Nico and the Beanstalk

EOTA - Oct3b“Nico, a 4 year old boy, planted some sunflower seeds at his daycare as a mother’s day gift”, writes Sanja. “This is Nico’s sunflower 4 months later!  He is so proud and happy!”

Staring Contest

Staring ContestRichard Killey caught these two locked in a stare in the Hendrie Valley.

Yellow on Yellow in Yellow

Yellow on Yellow in YellowThe image of a yellow bee landing on the yellow centre of a Lemon Yellow Coneflower was something I just had to shoot.  Submitted by Norm Talbot.

Rainbow Over the Harbour

Rainbow Over the HarbourDuring a dragon boat practice, we were treated to a beautiful rainbow over the harbour.  Submitted by Ramsay Drummond-Young.

Frequent Flyer!

Frequent Flyer!This little lady visits our backyard feeders about every thirty minutes, maybe getting ready for her big trip South.  Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Tagged Butterfly

Tagged Butterfly“This Monarch butterfly was dining on our Lantana and when it closed its wings I noticed a sticker, writes Denise Turcotte. “It was tagged to track its journey to Mexico.”

So Many Flowers…

So Many Flowers...…SO LITTLE TIME! – It was lovely seeing so many bees enjoying the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Photo submitted by Heather Cozens.

They’re Always Working Hard!

They're Always Working Hard!Another busy bee spotted along Spencer Creek Trail, attached to a Yellow Wildflower.  Submitted by Gedas Blekaitis.

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