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Curious But Sneaky!

Curious But Sneaky!An ermine at Mount Albion Conservation Area. Sent by Michael Hunter.

Mink at Princess Point

Mink at Princess Point“After finding a hole in the ice, the mink came up with a fish.” Submitted by Stewart Jarvis.

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!A mink having lunch at Princess Point.  Submitted by Stewart Jarvis.

Staring Contest

Staring ContestRichard Killey caught these two locked in a stare in the Hendrie Valley.

My Bunny Visitor

My Bunny VisitorEvery day, this lovely rabbit comes to visits and rests under my cedars.  Submitted by Barbara Ballantyne.

Tasty Snack!

Tasty Snack!Raymond Herrick found this chipmunk eating a green tomato on his visit of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

If I Close My Eyes…

If I Close My Eyes...… MAYBE HE WILL NOT SEE ME! – Walking around his garden, Rick Grant found this little Cottontail Rabbit trying to hide.

Hidden Gem

Hidden GemJanine Weaver found this shy friend carefully watching her surroundings at Cootes Paradise.


White Beauty!

White Beauty!“Enjoying a beautiful day watching a lot of new babies at African Lion Safari”, writes Susanne Swayze.  “Here is a White Lion, striking a beautiful pose.”

Tiny, Tiny One!

Tiny, Tiny One!This baby turtle was sunning on the 13th green at Southern Pines.  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

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