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Sunset on the Bay!

Sunset on the Bay!Hypnotizing and beautiful! Submitted by Linda Bajic of Hamilton.

Peace and Quiet!

Peace and Quiet!We might not be getting much snow this winter but Mother Nature is sure giving us great sunsets!  Submitted by Kelly Binns.

New Year’s Day Sunset!

New Year's Day Sunset!The first sunset of 2017, captured on Sydenham Hill Road, overlooking Dundas. Submitted by Gedas (Butch) Blekaitis.

Sunset Paradise!

Suset Paradise!When it comes to beautiful sunsets, Cootes Paradise is one of the best places to watch and enjoy them. Submitted by Dave Bruulsema.

Lovely Summer Sunset!

Lovely Summer Sunset!At the end of August the sun was changing positions; with that came some spectacular sunsets, like this one, captured at Pier 4 Park. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

A Dunnville Sunset!

A Dunnville Sunset!Linda Bajic captured this fantastic sunset shot over the Grand River.


The Quiet After the Race!

The Quiet After the Race!Even the birds were enjoying a beautiful sunset on the Hamilton Harbour after the dragon boat races! Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Sunset Sailing!

Sunset Sailing!“We went for a lovely after dinner stroll at our favourite place to go, Bayfront Park”, writes Mary Johnston. “What a beautiful weekend it was! Mother Nature was definitely in a good mood!”

In Our Own Backyard!

In Our Own Backyard!Two of Ontario’s finest captured in one image. Webster’s Falls under a beautiful sunset, captured at the most perfect time! Submitted by Spencer Smye.

Tranquil Waters!

Tranquil Waters!“This photo was taken at the Centre for Inland Waters, looking towards Burlington”, writes Jim Auty. “ Hundreds of gulls, geese, cormorants and even swans frequent this area”.

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