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Singin’ in the Sun

Singin' in the Sun“This American Finch was happy to be singing in the morning sun, a perfect morning exploring Cootes Paradise.” Captured by Nick Dunham.


Catching Some Rays

Catching Some RaysKaren Cunningham said: “The sun shone beautifully on the ice and this Canada Goose at Bayfront Park.”

Spencer Creek Crowd

Spencer Creek CrowdCanada Geese enjoying the winter weather on Spencer Creek in Flamborough. Sent by Gedas Blekaitis.

Connecting with Nature

Connecting with NatureAngela Mercurio and Jaden Fraser were both enjoying nature at its finest and making new friends!

Looking Majestic

Looking Majestic“A beautiful young hawk flew by me and landed on a light post. Amazingly beautiful.” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Raucous Outing

Raucous OutingThe sun was out in La Salle Park and this raucous group was having a blast. Sent by Bernice Kipp.

Suspicious Glare

Suspicious GlareThis cautious Blue Jay seems to be worried about getting its peanut taken away. Sent by Angela Mercurio.

Lunch Hour!

Lunch Hour!A bit of a crowded lunch hour at the bird feeder with a pair of Jays feeding and the sparrows waiting their turn. Sent by Corinne Bosch.

Sleeping the Day Away

Sleeping the Day AwayBill O’Brien took this photo of a snoozing owl at LaSalle Marina in Burlington.

Winter Wren

Winter WrenBonnie Kinder enjoyed watching this winter Wren in Hendrie Valley.

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