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An Ice Fishing Expert!

An Ice Fishing Expert!The ice may be a little thin at Pier 4, but the fishing was still pretty good. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Their Last Sunset!

Their Last Sunset!These are the iconic Nanticoke Power Generation Smoke Stacks on their last sunset… what a beauty! Submitted by Jim Auty.

I’m the King of the… Snow Mountain!

I'm the King of the... Snow Mountain!Junior kindergartener, James, was loving the winter wonderland a few weeks ago in our beautiful Mountview Park. Submitted by Mom, Tammy Solman.

Trumpeter Swans on Ice

Trumpeter Swans on IceA rainy and foggy morning at LaSalle Park, Burlington… still beautiful! Submitted by Gail Burstyn.

Cold But Peaceful!

Cold But Peaceful!Port Dover a few weeks ago… Stunning! Submitted by Bruce Kirby.

Looking Up, Looking Out!

Looking Up, Looking Out!This picture was taken from behind the falls at Borers Falls in Dundas on a beautiful Winter day. Submitted by George Johnson.

Hungry Beaver!

Hungry Beaver!The resident Hamilton Harbourfront Beaver has done a lot of pruning along the trail! Submitted by Bob Blair.

Paying Respect!

Paying Respect!“Rest peacefully former Mayor Robert Morrow”.   Submitted by Laura McDavid.

A Winter Magic Trick!

A Winter Magic Trick!“This was taken at Spencer’s Smith Park after some rain and snow we had”, writes Rob Huiskamp. “This is Mother Nature showing off that she can also make a chain”.

Nature’s Artwork!

Nature's Artwork!A beautiful scene of the ice covered trees by the lake. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

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