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Prim and Proper!

Prim and Proper!“Mom always said to keep those legs crossed”. Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Say “Meow”!

Say "Meow"!Meet our handsome 12 year old cat, Gus.  Submitted by Barb Evans.

New Little Friend!

New Little Friend!This is our cat, Lucky, looking up close at a baby Robin through our patio door.  Submitted by Terry Delvecchio.

Glamour Shots!

Glamour Shots!Our fur baby, Penny, is happy to pose for her fans.  Submitted by Paul Sabatini.

What’s Up!

What's Up!This is Dolly, just chillin’ on the kitchen table.  Submitted by Charlene Lauzon.

Comic Relief…

Comic Relief...It’s even harder when you have cataracts!  Submitted by John Llewellyn.

Quiet Time!

QUIET TIME!These are two of my cats, Sophie and Lily, enjoying a quiet moment away from Winston (my other cat).  Submitted by Marg Cutler.

My Wee Bag Lady!

My Wee Bag Lady!This is my cat, Maxine.  She loves bags!  Submitted by Cheryl Waldron.

Meet Mr. Sheldon Cooper…

Meet Mr. Sheldon Cooper...Our super spoiled, super loved, furry, four-legged fur-son.   Submitted by Dee Orford.

It’s Time for my Nap…

It's Time for my Nap...This is the life of a kitten.  Submitted by Duke & Carol of Grimsby.

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