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Paws Awhile!

Paws Awhile!“My dog, Scooter, sparing a moment to have a drink on a hot afternoon”, writes Frank Gallo. “The situation is not so much a highlight of the dog as it is by the very kind gesture that was offered to passers-bye that happened along the street on the end of a leash”.

Flower Child

Flower ChildMy little 11 week old pug, Otis, found a piece of sunshine to play with.  Submitted by Bethany Gradwell.

Nellie and her Friend!

Nellie and her Friend!I found my dog Nellie protecting a baby Baltimore Oriole in the back yard!  She wouldn’t leave him!  Submitted by Rick Roberts.

Move it Along… This One is Taken!

Move it Along... This One is Taken!Halle was guarding her fire hydrant.  Submitted by Shayne McLean.

Happy 151st Birthday Canada!

Happy 151st Birthday Canada!Sheepadoodles, Murphy and Charlie, are proud Canadians that wish everyone a Happy Canada Day!  Submitted by Milena Head.

Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!My dog, Mya, enjoying the Spring day. Albeit, she would rather chew her ball than fetch it!  Submitted by Rick Reeves.

Going For a Ride!

Going For a Ride!14-year-old Bella and 15-year-old Benny, love going for a car ride… as long as it’s destination good times!  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

Little, Big Helper!

Little, Big Helper!This is Dill, a 14 week old Miniature Poodle, the second puppy that I am fostering for Dog Guides of Canada.   Submitted by Janet Gallucci.

Everybody Buckled Up?

Everybody Buckled Up?Sheena loves a drive on a sunny Spring day.  Submitted by Lynn and Paul Geci.

Fable or Truth?

Fable or Truth?Here is Fable, our Miniature Labradoodle puppy.  Submitted by Gary Lindgren.

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