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Looking Majestic

Looking Majestic“A beautiful young hawk flew by me and landed on a light post. Amazingly beautiful.” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Raucous Outing

Raucous OutingThe sun was out in La Salle Park and this raucous group was having a blast. Sent by Bernice Kipp.

Suspicious Glare

Suspicious GlareThis cautious Blue Jay seems to be worried about getting its peanut taken away. Sent by Angela Mercurio.

Lunch Hour!

Lunch Hour!A bit of a crowded lunch hour at the bird feeder with a pair of Jays feeding and the sparrows waiting their turn. Sent by Corinne Bosch.

Sleeping the Day Away

Sleeping the Day AwayBill O’Brien took this photo of a snoozing owl at LaSalle Marina in Burlington.

Winter Wren

Winter WrenBonnie Kinder enjoyed watching this winter Wren in Hendrie Valley.

Waiting for Dinner

Waiting for Dinner“A beautiful juvenile hawk flew from his perch on the lamppost where he landed and flew to land on top of the birdhouse, waiting patiently to eye his dinner…” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Rowdy Shoppers!

Rowdy Shoppers!“We found these sparrows on the shopping carts at a Garden Centre in Dundas doing their last minute shopping.” Submitted by Joseph Hollick.

Olive the Turkey

Olive the TurkeyAmber Lihou took some nice pictures of the ever so popular Olive the turkey at Whitehern Museum.

Curious Bird!

Curious Bird!Male Northern Cardinal at Hendrie Valley, Burlington. Submitted by Robert Bell.

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