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Keeping Watch!

Keeping Watch!“I was very happy to see that the Green Herons have returned to the Royal Botanical Gardens this year to nest”, writes heather Smith. “This beauty was keeping a close eye on his nesting mate a short distance away”.

What a Delight!

What a Delight!The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak lunching on sunflower seeds! Submitted by Katherine Pickering.


A Fisher King!

A Fisher King!“It’s hard to get a nice shot of these Belted Kingfishers”, writes Tim Serneel. “I sat in a camouflage blind and was lucky enough to have one land nearby”.

Spring Strut!

Spring Strut!A local rooster stretching his legs while out on a stroll on Concession 2, Lynden. Submitted by Karen O’Grady.

Hand Painted?

Hand Painted?Tim Serneel took a picture of this beautiful Wood Duck in a small pond in north Burlington.


Pretty in Yellow!

Pretty in Yellow!“There have been lots of Goldfinches at the feeder this year”, writes William C. Burton. “The bright yellow plumage of the male makes it stand out.”

Home Renovations Time!

Home Renovations Time!A sure sign of spring is the Blue Birds returning to their nests in Courtcliff Park, Carlisle. Submitted by Caroline Bennett.


The Young Eagles are Here!

The Young Eagles are Here!Mike Moffat captured a really nice shot of this immature Bald Eagle at Woodland Cemetery.

Where is Waldo?

Where is Waldo?“One morning while exploring, I stumbled upon a Screech Owl and a Downy Woodpecker checking out the Owl”, writes Alicia Lubera.  “It was almost as if the Woodpecker was saying to the owl “Hey, you ever going to wake up? What are you doing in that hole in the tree?”


The Blue Bird of Happiness!

The Blue Bird of Happiness!I captured this little guy one cold February day while out at the RBG Arboretum. I was surprised to see this Eastern Blue Bird because I thought they had all migrated in the fall. Submitted by Lyle Jeakins.

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