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Welcome to Hamilton!

Welcome to Hamilton!“The gates of Hamilton are very inviting”, writes Val Patterson. “While running errands, I could not pass up the opportunity to take this picture. What a beautiful entrance to the Hammer!”


Say “Grim”!

Say "Grim"!Renee Burt (on her birthday) and Lori Risch at The Around the Bay Race, a quick stop for a pic with the “Grim Reaper”. Submitted by Barbara MacKnight.

Hamilton On Ice!

Hamilton On Ice!A recent thaw put a nice sheen on the snow.  Submitted by Kevin Lee.

The Lister Block Lit Up!

The Lister Block All Lit Up!The Hamilton Blues Society just finished playing at the Hamilton Tourism Juno office when I noticed they had set up lights around the perimeter highlighting the building.  It looked stunning!  Submitted by Bill Watson.

Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring!The Hamilton Bike Share program was officially launched this week but these pretty blue bikes have been around Hamilton for a few months now. Submitted by Mike Downs.


Winter Scene

Winter SceneThe beauty of winter is all around us, especially on nearby country roads.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Cliffs of Lake Ontario

Cliffs of Lake OntarioNelly Van Bergeyk wanted to share a photo she took from the Grimsby beach pier. “I thought it was a pretty cool (no pun intended) perspective of the beach this winter”.

The Globe

The Globe“With all the mention of our famous globe lately, I wanted to share one of my favourite shots…30 seconds of exposure while zooming”. Submitted by Mike Kukucska.



Winter Stroll!

Winter Stroll!A pair of Canada geese going for a stroll on a frozen Red Hill Creek.  Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Wondering What to do Out in the Cold?

Wondering What to do Out in the Cold?You can check out the amazing ice formations at some of Hamilton’s Waterfalls.  This one is Smokey Hollow Falls. Submitted and back-lit by Murdock Wong.

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