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Nice Hair!

Nice Hair!

Nice Hair!

This male Hooded Merganser was showing off his fancy hairdo to all the lady ducks at the Harbourfront. Photo taken by Lois McNaught.

Braving the Ice

Braving the IceAn optimistic outlook for an early spring when I heard the cardinal song from the ice branches. Photo taken by Susanne Swayze.

Hanging Out With Friends

Hanging Out With FriendsA gull joins its mates atop an iceberg at Van Wagner’s Beach.  Sent by Paul Tavares.

Enjoying a Warm Spell

Enjoying a Warm SpellDeer are taking in the mild weather at the Hamilton Conservation Park by Governor’s Road. Photographed by Gedas Blekaitis.

Fashion Show?

Fashion Show?Out for a drive on a very chilly winter day, Pat Brown, passed these beautiful horses in their lovely coats.

Local Celebrity

Local CelebrityGary Parker said: Here is our ‘Brownie’ who lives right here in downtown Burlington. And yes, that magnificent tail is blond!

Very Cold Morning

Very Cold Morning“It was a cold, misty morning to be out and about but the Caledonia bridge stands strong spanning the Grand River.” Sent by Susan van der Heiden.

City View

City ViewJesse Costa captured this beautiful shot of the city from Sam Lawrence Park after a snow storm.

Checkin’ Out the Neighbourhood

Checkin' Out the NeighbourhoodThis red fox was checking out a back yard in Dundas Valley, overlooking Ancaster Creek, and felt comfortable enough to have a rest. Sent by Crystal Helms.

Did I Just Get a Tweet?

Did I Just Get a Tweet?During the bitter cold a flock of chickadees was searching for food when one stopped to check his messages. Sent by Sharon Nethercott.

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