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Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!Peter Granka found a nice surprise at Confederation Park.

Happy to See You!

Happy to See You!Lex, male lion at The Killman Zoo, is happy that Spring weather has finally arrived. Submitted by Nicole Vella.

Casper, The Friendly Squirrel!

Casper, The Friendly Squirrel!This albino squirrel is enjoying a small treat. Submitted by John Berdusco.

Wildlife Beauty!

Wildlife Beauty!“I came across this stunning blonde Coyote while birding the Mount Albion Conservation Area”, writes Tristan Uchida. “Sometimes you just get lucky”.

What Are You?

What Are You?This cute little fawn seems as curious about the photographer, as she is of her! Submitted by Janine Weaver.

A Beautiful Assortment!

A Beautiful Assortment!It’s good to get out of the barn even if it is a little chilly… these beautiful horses were spotted during our hike along the McCormick Trail in Dundas. Submitted by Judy Lancaster.

Hungry Beaver!

Hungry Beaver!The resident Hamilton Harbourfront Beaver has done a lot of pruning along the trail! Submitted by Bob Blair.

Is it Spring Yet?

Is it Spring Yet?I caught this ‘bandit’ staring at me this morning from the Maple tree in my yard! Submitted by Kathy Pickering.

Orange Beauty!

Enjoying the Moment!This beautiful little red head was seen basking in the sun near the Devils Punch Bowl. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Oh, Deer!

Oh, Deer!A beautiful deer in the amazing Dundas Valley, a true jewel of the city. Submitted and taken by Randy Newstead.

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