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A Rare Sighting!

A Rare Sighting!“For the first time in 5 years, the Konjac plant has bloomed in the Mediterranean Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens”, writes Frances Maas. “Just don’t breathe deep when you stand near because it’s also very stinky!”

What More Could One Ask For?

What More Could One Ask For?“A wonderful morning at the Royal Botanical Gardens to see the beautiful orchids and frogs”, writes Kathy Ward. “This Orchid Disa Uniflora is one of so many beauties; the tiny Dart Poison Frogs were very popular”.

In Bloom!

In Bloom!“I’m enjoying the second blooms of my Premium Orange Sovereign Amaryllis,” writes Kathy Ward. “This beautiful Amaryllis was in support of the Huntington Society of Canada.”

Bright and Beautiful!

Bright and Beautiful!Bill Poole captured these beautiful poinsettias at St. Paul’s United Church, Dundas.

Under the Big Top!

Under the Big Top!“The people at the Hamilton Mum Show keep out-doing themselves year after year”, writes John Weiss. “We enjoyed a colourful Saturday afternoon”.

Spring Looking Fall Shot!

Spring Looking Fall Shot!This photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day while my hubby and I went for a walk in Sam Lawrence Park. Submitted by Angel West.

Orange on Orange!

Orange on Orange!“This Monarch butterfly is almost camouflaged on the orange Dahlia flower in our garden”, writes Joseph Hollick. “We were surprised that the Monarch is still here and had not yet migrated south as it was mid-October when I took this picture”.

A Sweet Treat!

A Sweet Treat!“The Scented Garden in Hendrie Park at the RBG served as a stopover for a huge number of Monarch Butterflies”, writes Barbara Philps. “It was truly a spectacular sight!”

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!The butterfly and the bee decided to have a staring contest. Submitted by Melissa Kleinjan.

All A Buzz!

All A Buzz!I was amazed at the number of native bees on this “Pooh” Dahlia at a recent garden tour put on by the Dahlia Society.  Submitted by Claudette Sims.

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