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Dreamy Sunset!

Dreamy Sunset!This is what we saw Christmas Day on Lake Erie. Submitted by Don and Liz Wingfield.



Down by the River!

Down by the River!A nice, serene view of the Grand River taken at sundown from the Caledonia Bridge. Submitted by Rick Grant.


Sunset Glow!

Sunset Glow!Cody Hamilton captured this colourful sunset after a rainy day in downtown Hamilton.

A Heavenly Canvas!

A Heavely Canvas!John Laidler captured a lovely late summer sunset over the Dundas Peak.

Calm After the Storm!

Calm After the Storm!Moments after a severe thunderstorm, the sky opened up at Cootes Paradise, leaving the sunset a sight for sore eyes. Submitted by Carolyn Stearns.

Summer in Hamilton!

Summer in Hamilton!“One of my favourite activities in the summer months is to spend the evenings down at Princess Point, listening to the birds chirping as the sun sets”, writes Mallory Peirce. “Every night I fall deeper in love with our city and its hidden gems.”

Sunset Silhouette!

Sunset Silhouette!A beautiful silhouette to end an amazing airshow! Thanks, Canadian Warplane Museum! Submitted by Dave Grandoni.


Sunset Baseball!

Sunset Baseball!Wayne MacPhail had his iPhone ready and captured this spectacular sunset during a pickup baseball game in Victoria Park.

Sunset Reflections!



Princess Point is the best place in Hamilton to catch the sunset.    Submitted by George Johnson.


Lonely Traveller!

Lonely Traveller!Solitude on the bay at sunset… a golden evening boat ride to end the day. Submitted by Steve Sztricsko.

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