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A Pleasant Sight!

A Pleasant Sight!Norman Chan captured this beautiful scene, early one morning on the Hamilton Mountain Brow.

Fun With Snow!

Fun With Snow!Abby Roy poses with her snowman. After shoveling the snow, it was a great reminder that you can have fun in the winter too! Submitted by Jennifer Rowan.

Big Ice Chunks!

Big Ice Chunks!A different, still beautiful view along the Grand River in Caledonia. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Icy Steeltown Sunset

Icy Steeltown Sunset“In the moment I just had to stop and snap this picture. As a lifelong steelworker and somebody so proud of this town, it’s what summed it all up for me.”  Submitted by Steve House.

So, Where Can I Swim Now?

So, Where Can I Swim Now?On a rare bicycling trip from Dundas to Pier 8 in Hamilton, I was surprised to see a mute swan or two slapping around on Hamilton Harbour ice floes. Submitted by Neal Bonnor.

Websters Falls

Websters FallsOne of nature’s beautiful work of art. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

I’m Ready! You’re Ready! We’re All Ready!

I'm Ready!  You're Ready!  We're All Ready!Even the waterfront is ready for Spring and Summer!  Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Oh, Deer!

Oh, Deer!A beautiful deer in the amazing Dundas Valley, a true jewel of the city. Submitted and taken by Randy Newstead.

Taste Test!

Taste Test!Neligan sticks his tongue out at the snow.  Submitted by Vicki Marchewka

Ice Fun!

Ice Fun!Lots of activity on The Bay! Skating, iceboating and ice fishing. Submitted by Diane Brown.

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