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Rainbow Over the Harbour

Rainbow Over the HarbourDuring a dragon boat practice, we were treated to a beautiful rainbow over the harbour.  Submitted by Ramsay Drummond-Young.

Busy at the Port!

Busy at the Port!I am not sure if they are loading or offloading from the boat, but you can see the dust plume that I managed to capture.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Winter Ready!

Winter Ready!This farmer has been very busy getting ready to feed his animals in the winter.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

Quaker City

Quaker CityThis iconic landmark has been around for many years and has always stood out as a point of interest.  Submitted by James R. Charlton.

Cool Mist!

Cool Mist!“When downtown and the heat and humidity get too much, go stand close to the Gore Park Fountain”, writes Jim Auty. “The cool mist will be a refreshing treat!”

Hamilton is Home!

Hamilton is Home!Here’s a shot I took of downtown Hamilton from Sam Lawrence Park on a radiant morning.  Submitted by Jacqueline Holding.

Hamilton Reflections!

Hamilton Reflections!Peaceful reflections down at Bayfront Park.   Submitted by Pat Brown.

Moon Through the Skyway Bridge

Moon Through the Skyway BridgeI was walking under the bridge near the lift bridge and caught this image. Submitted by Heather Petre.

Paws Awhile!

Paws Awhile!“My dog, Scooter, sparing a moment to have a drink on a hot afternoon”, writes Frank Gallo. “The situation is not so much a highlight of the dog as it is by the very kind gesture that was offered to passers-bye that happened along the street on the end of a leash”.

They’re Off!

They're Off!“The next set of riders head out on one of the many different routes for the Bike for Mike Ride”, writes Jim Smith.  “It was a great day as young and old had fun and toured much of the Hamilton area.”

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