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Sniffing Out Spring

Sniffing Out SpringDenise Turcotte writes: “This possum heard the groundhogs call for an early spring so was checking it out at the Bayfront.”

Close-Up Capture

Close-Up Capture“Two snowflakes captured, of the gazillion billion that fell during the last storm. Photographed through a 5X lens.” Writes Dan Copeland.

Nocturnal Watcher


Nocturnal Watcher“This Eastern Screech was sitting out on display just before dusk.” Submitted by Tim Serneels.

Icy Landscape

Icy LandscapeOur reader Marc Kirouac writes: “The recent sub-zero temperatures have left Confederation Beach covered in these huge picturesque ice mounds.”

What a Sight!

What a Sight!7:00 a.m. sunrise in Dunnville at Port Maitland Pier on Lake Erie. Sent by Ryan Hedley.

Beauty Within the Beast

Beauty Within the Beast“This American Kestrel is a regular around our feeders.” Sent by Robert Barnes.

Relaxing Swim

Relaxing SwimLongtail Duck at Lakeshore on the Lake Burlington. Photo taken by Stewart Jarvis.

Chilly Swim

Chilly SwimDave Fitzpatrick captured this beauty on the Grindstone Trails in The RBG.

Singin’ in the Sun

Singin' in the Sun“This American Finch was happy to be singing in the morning sun, a perfect morning exploring Cootes Paradise.” Captured by Nick Dunham.


Too Many Nuts This Winter?

Too Many Nuts This Winter?A plump squirrel basking in the January sun at LaSalle Park in Burlington. Submitted by Alice Bespolko.

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