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Tiny, Tiny One!

Tiny, Tiny One!This baby turtle was sunning on the 13th green at Southern Pines.  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

What More Could One Ask For?

What More Could One Ask For?“A wonderful morning at the Royal Botanical Gardens to see the beautiful orchids and frogs”, writes Kathy Ward. “This Orchid Disa Uniflora is one of so many beauties; the tiny Dart Poison Frogs were very popular”.

Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?“It’s any wonder how I spotted this guy being so well camouflaged in the greenery and the Royal Botanical Gardens Frog Exhibit”, writes Frances Maas. “These colourful amphibians are on display until April 15th”.

Fox Trot!

Fox Trot!“Monsieur Renard” checking out the food situation at the garden in central Burlington. Submitted by Suzanne Swan.

Big Buck!

Big Buck!I came upon this big fella hiking in The Dundas Valley. Submitted by Joel Marshall.

My Hungry Little Friend!

My Hungry Little Friend!This super friendly chipmunk was snacking on the sunflower seeds I fed him. Submitted by Melissa Kleinjan.

Full House!

Full House!These curious little friends came out to see who was visiting the neighbourhood! Submitted by William Almas.

A Spider Web in the Fall

A Spider Web in the FallSubmitted by Michael Hunter.

The Twenty Creek in Fall Colours!

The Twenty Creek in Fall Colours!While out for a walk on our farm along the Twenty Creek, I couldn’t resist pausing and admiring Mother Nature’s handy work. Submitted by Deborah Coon-Petersen.

Dinner for Two!

Dinner for Two!Confederation Park, Hamilton. Submitted by Bill Vowles.

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