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Go 2!

Go 2!I’m not the only one who enjoys The Spectator! Chia loves it! Submitted by Carol Johnson.

One Reliable Friend!

One Reliable Friend!“When the vacuum cleaner comes out Benny takes comfort in his stuffed bunny.”  Submitted by Denise Turcotte.

Enjoying the Moment!

Enjoying the Moment!“My kitten, Donald, is extremely pleased with all this white fluffy cold stuff on the ground to play with.”  Submitted by Melissa Kleinjan.

Taste Test!

Taste Test!Neligan sticks his tongue out at the snow.  Submitted by Vicki Marchewka

Don’t Forget to Pick Me Up, Please!

Don't Forget to Pick Me Up, Please!Bernie was ready for his haircut!  Submitted by Carolyn Biggs.

Comfy Level: Approved!

Comfy Level:  Approved!Smoky approved this area as a cozy one to read and relax!  Submitted by Joan Ceaser.

Bath Time!

Bath Time!This is our cat, Lily.  She is a rescue who is new to our home but she’s definitely making herself comfortable in our bath tub!  Submitted by Kate Hawtin.

Another Perfect Day!

Another Perfect Day!Here is a picture of my dog, Riley, at Spencer’s Smith Park. Submitted by Rob Huiskamp.

Is It Ready Yet?

Is It Ready Yet?Paddy is patiently waiting for his breakfast.  Submitted by Sergio Soliveri.

Waiting for Santa Paws!

Waiting for Santa Paws!Happy holidays to all our furry friends (and their owners too!) Photos submitted by (clockwise from top left): Elaine Duguay (Chewy), Marlene Campos Cipriani (Mia), Liz Randazzo (Wesley and Findlay) and Danielle Martino (Morrison and Hendrix).

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