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Living in Harmony!

Living in Harmony!Emily Seguin found these two horses happily sharing their space with these two little goats; they were so happy and content with each other that made her feel the same way.

Winter Wonderland Ride!

Winter Wonderland Ride!Cold weather and a little bit of snow didn’t stop these people from having a great day! Photo submitted by Val Harvey Patterson.

Don’t Mind Me!

Don't Mind Me!This beautiful red fox came and sat on my front lawn in downtown Burlington. Submitted by Peter Granka.

Nice Tan!

Nice Tan!Our neighbourhood fox was catching the warmth of the winter sun. Submitted by Kim Opheim.

It’s So Cold That…

It's So Cold That...Even the horses need to wear warm coats in this weather. Submitted by Pat Brown.

Breakfast Time!

Breakfast Time!Our morning entertainment comes when the “breakfast crew” shows up for a buffet of corn and molasses… basically deer candy. Submitted by Wayne and Wenda Moore.

Fox Trot!

Fox Trot!“Monsieur Renard” checking out the food situation at the garden in central Burlington. Submitted by Suzanne Swan.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!From some of our furry friends! Photos submitted by: Micky Morrison (Hank), Caitlin Reynolds (King), Alicia Nisbet (Jake and Juno) and David Sanderson (Lilly).


Fore!Coyotes take over Kings Forest Golf Course now that the golfers are gone.  Submitted by Michael Hunter.

Enjoying Life!

Enjoying Life!“Peaches smelling the flowers along the way.” Submitted by Erik Smolinski.

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