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Winter Wonderland Ride!

Winter Wonderland Ride!Cold weather and a little bit of snow didn’t stop these people from having a great day! Photo submitted by Val Harvey Patterson.

Don’t Mind Me!

Don't Mind Me!This beautiful red fox came and sat on my front lawn in downtown Burlington. Submitted by Peter Granka.

Surreal Experience!

Surreal Experience!A small group of friends went to the beach for a little dip. The water had ice on the surface but it was steaming heavily at a temperature of 0.5 degrees as the air temperature was -22 degrees. Submitted by Freja Njorden.

Winter Scenery!

Winter Scenery!Our beautiful Bayfront Park on a nice, sunny winter day.  Submitted by Pat Brown .

Frozen Wonder!

Frozen Wonder!The recent cold snap brought out the true splendour of Niagara Falls… even at -20C. Submitted by Ron Verbeek.

Where’s my Shoe?

Where's my Shoe?Defying the law of gravity, this little guy seems to be looking for his snowshoe. Submitted by Rob Miller.

One of Hamilton’s Beauties!

One of Hamilton's Beauties!Tiffany Falls, a true wonder, even in the winter! Submitted and taken by Randy Newstead.

My Feet Are Cold!

My Feet Are Cold!That’s what this charming little Wood Duck seems to be saying as he waddles through the snow. Submitted by Lois McNaught.

Bubbly Surprise!

Bubbly Surprise!Janina Dudek had the courage to step on the frozen bay for the first time and she was amazed when she saw many different bubble formations, frozen under the water.

Frozen Sunlight!

Frozen Sunlight!“When it is this cold, soap bubbles freeze almost instantly”, writes Rick McKenzie.  “My son Scott and I would place soap bubbles in the path of the light from the setting sun and then photograph them”.

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