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Ahoy Matey!

Ahoy Matey!Here’s Sapphire, the Pirate, at Hoover’s Marina, Nanticoke.  Submitted by Katherine Atkins

Two Brothers!

Two Brothers!“My two boys enjoying the nice weather outside.”  Submitted by Maryann Hall.

His Majesty!

His Majesty!King “Chewie” of the jungle.  Submitted by Laura Kelly.

My Ragdoll King!

My Ragdoll King!I have had Nikki since he was a kitten; now he is 8 years old and a very gentle and beautiful blue eyed cat.  Submitted by Leonie Holmes.

Sooo Hot!

Sooo Hot!Even my cat is feeling the effects of having no air conditioning in this heat wave. Submitted by Brandy Hathaway.

Here is Shasta!

Here is Shasta!My friends Bill and Delaine Lowes’ cat….  Submitted by Julia Lear.

This is the Life!

This is the Life!Our cat, Tom, relaxing on the front lawn.  Submitted by Linda Dein.

She’s All Heart!

She's All Heart!This is Faith, who we adopted from Action Volunteers for Animals.  Submitted by Victoria Avram.

Molly with the Mustache!

Molly with the Mustache!Molly is ready and set to sail this boating season. Submitted by Don McEwen, Burlington.

Valentine & Rosie!

Valentine & Rosie!They were two little kittens looking for a happy forever home when my grand-daughters first saw them. They didn’t have to look any farther as we knew they would make a wonderful addition to our home.  Submitted by Jo Smoke.

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