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Catch of the Day!

Catch of the Day!It was awesome to see this Bald Eagle with its catch of the day.  Submitted by Pat Wintemute.

Green Heron

Green HeronMany different kinds of Herons can be seen all over the area at the present time, including this beautiful Green Heron.  Submitted by Lois McNaught.

Dressed in Stripes and Dots!

Dressed in Stripes and Dots!Paul Cuthbert was camping at Pinehurst Conservation Area when he caught sight of this beauty!

I See You!

I See You!This tiny Red-eyed Vireo flew into my kitchen window and was temporarily stunned but only long enough for me to capture its beauty!  Submitted by Kathy Pickering.

Feeding Frenzy!

Feeding Frenzy!Baby Blue Jays were waiting, not so patiently, for their breakfast. Submitted by Leslie Harris.

Frequent Flyer!

Frequent Flyer!This little lady visits our backyard feeders about every thirty minutes, maybe getting ready for her big trip South.  Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Long-tailed Jaeger

Long-tailed JaegerThis bird normally lives in the Arctic in the summer.  Every once in a while, instead of migrating south along the coasts, it will fly south through Ontario and when the winds are right, they end up on the shores of Lake Ontario to feed and rest. Submitted by Ed McAskill.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo BuntingSuch an amazing colour on this little bird; spotted at Princess Point!  Submitted by Bob Blair.

Orange is the New Blue!

Orange is the New Blue!A Great Blue Heron dries out in the sun.  Submitted by Wayne Fulford.

Baker’s Dozen

Baker's DozenGreat moment caught by Rob Ableman. Are they queuing up for something?

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