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Gorgeous Day for a Bike Ride!

Gorgeous Day for a Bike Ride!And a quick stop to see the new Hamilton sign at City Hall.  Submitted by Anita Kanwar.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Let's Go Fly a Kite!My granddaughter’s first time flying a kite, the day after the high winds.  Submitted by Susan Camposilvan.

Take a Book, Share a Book!

Take a Book, Share a Book!These two branches of the London Street South “Little Free Library” are now open for business!  Submitted by Paul Charles.

In Full Spring Mode!

In Full Spring Mode!“The pathway down to Bayfront Park is breathtaking”, writes Pat Brown.  “The blossoms are so beautiful”.

No Need for Words!

No Need for Words!“I have been chasing this sunrise of the bay for over a year and a half”, writes Anita Kanwar. “To me, this photo captures the beauty of Hamilton”.

Country Roads Around Hamilton

Country Roads Around Hamilton!While driving around our city, we can still find lots of nice, rural areas. Submitted by Heather Petre.

Heavenly View!

Heavenly View!Admiring and appreciating the magnificence of this postcard view. Submitted by Anita Kanwar.

Nice Catch!

Nice Catch!With its impressive and elegant flight style, this Osprey was quick to pick up dinner at Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Bill O’Brien.

Devil’s Punchbowl

Devil's PunchbowlPeople took advantage of the first warm weather spell to get out and see the Hammer. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.

A Morning Lift!

A Morning Lift!It was beautiful to see the sun rise and light up the colour and reflection of the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

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