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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!Charlie, Bobbi and Murphy wish everyone a Pawsome Holiday with lots of treats! Submitted by Milena Head.

Enjoying the Warm Sunshine!

Enjoying the Warm Sunshine!Mini Golden Doodles, Nala (golden) and Moe (red), had a fun day at Royal Botanical Gardens. Submitted by Derek Winter.

Shoe Lover!

Shoe Lover!Miriam Gaskin’s cat, Walter, loves shoes; these are his favourites! Submitted by Pat Gaskin.

Farm Girl!

Farm Girl!This is Ladybug, our little Yorkie farm girl.  Submitted by Jessica Spotts.

Loving Fall!

Loving Fall!These beauties are Teddy and Coco, enjoying our first frosty autumn morning.  Submitted by Lloyd and Joan Hobbs.

Enjoying the Weather!

Enjoying the Weather!I took my 17 year old dog, Putz (Putters), down to the beach strip for a nice walk.  Submitted by Rachel Anne Salonen.

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!My guinea pig, Remy, ready for Halloween. Submitted by Joan Sopkow.


Buddy!This is Buddy, our movie star!  Submitted by Ivica Spehar.

Fall Portrait!

Fall Portrait!Murphy, Charlie and Bobbi wish everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Submitted by Milena Head.


Family Members

Family MembersFrom left to right, Rocky, Murphy and Winston. Can’t imagine our family without you. We love you.  Submitted by Shawn Corsini.

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