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Peaceful Waters!

Peaceful Waters!“I can’t think of a more peaceful place to be than at Hamilton’s Bayfront on a summer evening”, writes Susan Andrus. “I think these folks in their lovely sailboat would agree”.


Riding The Waves!

Riding the Waves!Red, my water-loving Border Collie mix, during his vacation visiting Burk’s Falls. Submitted by Alissa Wheatley.

A Beautiful Green Haven!

A Beautiful Green Haven!The dry weather this summer doesn’t seem to be affecting this beautiful hosta and its surroundings. Submitted by Cale Heustin.



Ready to Catch Some Breakfast!

Ready to Catch Some Breakfast!Pickerel fishing on Lake Erie at sunrise. Submitted by Steve Sostar.


Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun!What better way to cool off on these hot days we are having than to be on the lake. Submitted by Val Patterson.


Pondering!My Great Pyrenees, Lacey, keeping her eye on her Flamborough farm from a bale of hay as the sun is setting on another beautiful summer day.  Submitted by Christine Senson.



TurtleI found this turtle sunning himself at Bayfront Park.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Straw Bales

Straw BalesThere’s something enchanting about watching straw bales on the fields. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Calming Water!

Calming Water!Reflecting pools at the Royal Botanical Garden’s Hendrie Park. Submitted by Peter Abi-Rashed.

A New Friend!

A New Friend!Feeding the beautiful horses at Jerseyville Stables. Submitted by Nancy Vigh.


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