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Enjoying The Outdoors!

Enjoying The Outdoors!I’m just a dog that loves nature’s beauty. Submitted by Janine Weaver

Out for a Stroll!

Out for a Stroll!The Sherwood Mountain Brow Doggy Crew: Jax, Bentley, Buster and Tuukka. Submitted by Kelly George-Dalgleish.

Life is Good!

Life is Good!Our boy, Moose, relaxing on a nice Summer day. Submitted by Marc and Betty Ann Mammoletti.

Maggie and Bo

Maggie and BoHave their ‘eye on the area’ for any birds or squirrel’s that might come into their line of vision! Irene Taylor.

Dog Days of Summer!

Dog Days of Summer!Ayla enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine.  Submitted by Kim Drury.

At the Top of the Peak!

At the Top of the Peak!This is Fergus enjoying the Dundas Peak for the first time! Submitted by Stephenie Hillsley.

A Refreshing Walk!

A Refreshing Walk!This is Holly at La Salle Park Marina. Submitted by Ralph and Joanne Elzinga.

What a Furry Day!

What a Furry Day!It was a Coton de Tulear brothers and sisters reunion! Submitted by Dermot Picco.

Happy 150 Canada!

Happy 150 Canada!Murphy, Charlie and Bobbi are very proud Canadians that look forward to celebrating Canada’s big day! Submitted by Milena Head.

Lennox and Moose…

Lennox and MooseReady for summer!  Submitted by Betty Ann Mammoletti.

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