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Fall Beauty!

Fall Beauty!Albion Falls is looking glorious these days.  Submitted by Pat Brown.

Loving the Colours!

Loving the Colours!Albion Falls on a beautiful Fall day. Submitted by Michael Hunter.


For France!

For France!Albion Falls was illuminated on November 22, 2015 by The City of Waterfalls in the colours of the French flag to show our support of the victims of the tragedy in Paris, France. Submitted by Jay Poel.

A Golden Fall!

A Golden Fall!“I was out on a hike with my Golden Retriever, Buddy”, writes John Kaumeyer. “I think he is trying to tell everyone that Albion Falls is his favourite.”

A “Must Visit” Fall View!

A "Must Visit" Fall View!Albion Falls looked beautiful before sunset, despite the chilly weather. Submitted by Susan Camposilvan.

Whimsical Waterfall!

Whimsical Waterfall!Albion Falls looked quite magical last month, coming alive with brilliant colours! What an amazing illumination! Thank you City of Waterfalls! Submitted by Joann Fougere.

City of Waterfalls!

City of Waterfalls!Beautiful Albion Falls is located within walking distance of Buttermilk Falls and Little Davis Falls, on the East Mountain in King’s Forest Park, Red Hill Valley.  Submitted by Michael Hunter.

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