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Cootes Paradise

Cootes ParadiseOur reader, Janine Weaver, took a great photo of this attentive and beautiful wildlife while visiting Cootes Paradise.

Ice Boarding

Ice BoardingIce boarding just beside the 403, McQuesten High Level Bridge in the background. Ice in Cootes Paradise covered with snow, strong wind blowing – perfect conditions. Taken by Milena Zofcinova.

Singin’ in the Sun

Singin' in the Sun“This American Finch was happy to be singing in the morning sun, a perfect morning exploring Cootes Paradise.” Captured by Nick Dunham.


I Said I’m Not Sharing!

I Said I'm Not Sharing!This picture of a greedy Red Bellied Woodpecker trying to scare off the Chipmunk was taken at Cootes Paradise by Janine Weaver.

Hidden Gem

Hidden GemJanine Weaver found this shy friend carefully watching her surroundings at Cootes Paradise.


I’m Watching You!

I'm Watching You!A handsome Red-tail Hawk posing at Sassafras Point in beautiful Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Nice Catch!

Nice Catch!With its impressive and elegant flight style, this Osprey was quick to pick up dinner at Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Bill O’Brien.

Graceful Glide!

Graceful Glide!This year there seems to be several bird species showing higher numbers than normal in the area, including Wood Ducks, Green Herons and Egrets, including this Egret at Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Ron Barrons.

A Foggy Day at Coote’s Paradise!

A Foggy Day at Coote's Paradise!Submitted by Roz Maurice.

Sunset Skating!

Sunset Skating!My son, James, enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon skate at Cootes Paradise.  Submitted by Hank de Jong.

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