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Young Reader!

Young Reader!Our baby, Gracie, is maybe your youngest reader at six months old; she prefers the funnies of course!  Submitted by Alyshia Tomlinson.


Buddies!You won’t find two better friends than Tico and Toby.   Submitted by Denise Dupuis.


Cuddling!Momma duck with her 12 new ducklings.  Submitted by Garth Chivers.

First Time Seeing One of These Beauties!

First Time Seeing One of These Beauties!Camilla Kipp found this cute Tufted Titmouse at LaSalle Park.

A Walk in the Woods!

A Walk in the Woods!Bobbi, enjoying a fabulous Fall walk in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Submitted by Milena Head.

Trick and Treat!

Trick and Treat!Twins, Sage and Logan, are ready for their first Halloween. Submitted by Terry Shields.

Seeing Eye to Eye!

Seeing Eye to Eye!On a recent visit to Bayfront Park I decided to get down to eye level with this beautiful little gosling. Submitted by George Johnson.

Ellie and Cargo

Best Friends Forever!  Submitted by Caroline Parisse.Ellie and Cargo


Sharing Our Easter Eggs!

Sharing Our Easter Eggs!A squirrel and chipmunk sharing in the fun of finding Easter eggs. Submitted by Karen Cunningham.

It’s Time for my Nap…

It's Time for my Nap...This is the life of a kitten.  Submitted by Duke & Carol of Grimsby.

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