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Face Off with the Intruders

Face Off with the IntrudersStella, the Golden Retriever, defends her territory by barking up a storm at the two visiting coyotes.  Taken by Charles Dimitry.

Autumn Blend!

Autumn Blend!Blending in with the beautiful Fall colours at Dundas Conservation Area.   Submitted by Janine Weaver.

Fall is in the Air!

Fall is in the Air!Sophie posing with the pumpkins. Submitted by Arnold Lieferink, Burlington.

A Walk in the Woods!

A Walk in the Woods!Bobbi, enjoying a fabulous Fall walk in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Submitted by Milena Head.

Enjoying the Weather!

Enjoying the Weather!I took my 17 year old dog, Putz (Putters), down to the beach strip for a nice walk.  Submitted by Rachel Anne Salonen.

Enjoying The Outdoors!

Enjoying The Outdoors!I’m just a dog that loves nature’s beauty. Submitted by Janine Weaver

Van Dogh…

Van Dogh...Cute little artist! Submitted by Alicia Nisbet.

Dressed Up and Ready!

Dressed Up and Ready!Jake, the dog, and G2P2, the guinea pig, were patiently waiting for Santa Paws.  Submitted by Alicia Nisbet.

A Walk by the Beach!

A Walk by the Beach!In between the rain, my husband was able to get out for a hike with our daughter and pup, near Green Road and North Service Road, Stoney Creek. Submitted by Heather.

Strike a Pose!

Strike a Pose!My dog, Cash, posing for a picture after a long hike in the woods.  Submitted by Matthew Fotheringham.

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