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Very Cold Morning

Very Cold Morning“It was a cold, misty morning to be out and about but the Caledonia bridge stands strong spanning the Grand River.” Sent by Susan van der Heiden.

Frozen Over

Frozen OverWalking around Tiffany and Tews Falls in the winter can be a rewarding experience.

An Ice Fishing Expert!

An Ice Fishing Expert!The ice may be a little thin at Pier 4, but the fishing was still pretty good. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Looking Up, Looking Out!

Looking Up, Looking Out!This picture was taken from behind the falls at Borers Falls in Dundas on a beautiful Winter day. Submitted by George Johnson.

A Winter Magic Trick!

A Winter Magic Trick!“This was taken at Spencer’s Smith Park after some rain and snow we had”, writes Rob Huiskamp. “This is Mother Nature showing off that she can also make a chain”.

Nature’s Artwork!

Nature's Artwork!A beautiful scene of the ice covered trees by the lake. Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

So, Where Can I Swim Now?

So, Where Can I Swim Now?On a rare bicycling trip from Dundas to Pier 8 in Hamilton, I was surprised to see a mute swan or two slapping around on Hamilton Harbour ice floes. Submitted by Neal Bonnor.

Ice Fun!

Ice Fun!Lots of activity on The Bay! Skating, iceboating and ice fishing. Submitted by Diane Brown.

A Bit “Hangry”!

A Bit "Hangry"!Janine Weaver came across this Bald Eagle doing a little ice fishing of his own at Bayfront Park, Hamilton.

Frozen Wonder!

Frozen Wonder!The recent cold snap brought out the true splendour of Niagara Falls… even at -20C. Submitted by Ron Verbeek.

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