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That Was Fun!

That Was Fun!An awesome evening with Terra Lightfoot on stage at Supercrawl.  Submitted by Hank Rintjema.

Canadiana at its Best!

Canadiana at its Best!Young and old tobogganing at Garth Street reservoir. Submitted by Paul Mckeegan.

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!It looks like the backyard Chipmunk is gearing up for an adventure! Submitted by Bob Blair.

Snow Fun!

Snow Fun!Nothing like a puppy snow day; fun and frolicking in the snow on a beautiful winter’s day. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Winter Fun!

Winter Fun!Jerry Vajsar wanted to take a nice winter picture… Princess Point is a great spot for that!

Reach for the Sky!

Reach for the Sky!Trying to touch the sun at the end of a long summer day.  This was captured while visiting a friend’s farm in Caistor Centre. Submitted by Jim Smith.


Fun and Order!

Fun and Order!Hamilton’s finest watching over the Binbrook Fair. Submitted by Mary-Ellen Garbutt.

Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun!What better way to cool off on these hot days we are having than to be on the lake. Submitted by Val Patterson.

We’re All Winners in This Game!

We're All Winners in This Game!“I may be getting old but I can still play ball hockey”, writes Andy Steele. “This is a picture of four generations that played hockey at the Butler’s Homesteads in Flamborough”.


A Different Kind of Fun!

A Different Kind of Fun!I don’t know who had more fun… me, watching the dog diving through the big waves or Korben, the dog, chasing the stick and bringing it back. Submitted by Pat Wintemute.


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