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Late Bloomer!

Late Bloomer!I always find it’s the rose that blooms in the Fall that is the most beautiful… from our garden in Stoney Creek.  Submitted by Bill Poole.


Welcome Visitor in Our Garden

Welcome Visitor in Our Garden“We were surprised to find this female Praying Mantis when my husband was cleaning out the garden”, writes Betty Vander Wier.  “She blended in perfectly with the dead foliage“.

“Bee-sy” Working!

"Bee-sy" Working!Watching the bees work hard in the garden.  Submitted by Patrizia Fazzari.

In Our Garden!

In Our GardenTwo hummingbirds peacefully sharing a Monarda…for a moment anyway!  Submitted by Dianne Seed.

Butterfly on Butterfly

Butterfly on ButterflyEvelyn Kenna was feeling lucky when she caught this photo of a Monarch Butterfly on the Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) in her front garden. “Monarch caterpillars are completely dependent on milkweed for their survival.  This is a “must-have” perennial for every garden!”

Displaying Reds and Whites!

Displaying Reds and Whites!Veteran, Pete, who lives at the Freelton Lions Villa, worked to make a contribution to the beauty of the Villa and of Canada. Submitted by Linda Young.

Spring Garden

Spring GardenCliff McEwen enjoys the view of his neighbour’s beautiful garden in Carlisle, Ontario.

Oh, Beautiful Nature!

Oh, Beautiful Nature!Michael and Penny Holmes enjoy watching a variety of visitors to their garden, including this butterfly, posing on a coneflower.

Must be Wabbit Season!

Must Be Wabbit Season!Someone had been nibbling on the kale in Rocco Baviera’s veggie garden.

On Garden Duty!

On Garden Duty!My grand-dog, Petey, was watching me garden on a beautiful, sunny day. Submitted by Gail Legato, Binbrook.

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