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Very Cold Morning

Very Cold Morning“It was a cold, misty morning to be out and about but the Caledonia bridge stands strong spanning the Grand River.” Sent by Susan van der Heiden.

Winter Weather

Winter WeatherSome real winter weather along the river at the Caledonia River Walk. Sent by Rick Grant.

Bright Winter Day

Bright Winter DaySome days, even in winter, the sunshine can make all the difference! Sent by Rick Grant.

Hello Stranger!

Hello Stranger!This Goose was seen hanging out along the Grand River Trail in Caledonia with some Canadian Geese. Submitted by Rick Grant.


Farewell to the “Old” Mill!

Farewell to the "Old" Mill!“This is the train bridge and the Caledonia Mill”, writes Lillian Stone. The Caledonia Mill, build around 1846, was to start demolition in March.

Big Ice Chunks!

Big Ice Chunks!A different, still beautiful view along the Grand River in Caledonia. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Sunset on the Grand!

Sunset on the Grand!We were crossing the Dunnville bridge over the Grand River during a short break between rain showers when we saw this spectacular sunset. Submitted by Betsy McBurney.

Along the Grand River!

Along the Grand River!One of the many peaceful and beautiful scenes you’ll find along the Rotary Trail, from Caledonia to York. Submitted by Rick Grant.

Water Break!

Water Break!This beautiful deer stopped for a drink along the Grand River, took a little look around, then she was on her way again. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

The Caledonia Bridge

The Caledonia BridgeOne of the beauties of Haldimand County. Submitted by Sylvia Beltrame.

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