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Showdown!A squirrel and a hawk are having a confrontation! Or a conversation. Taken by Michael Hunter.


HuntingWhen you look up, usually way up… you might just see the red tail hawk, perched patiently, waiting for his next meal. Taken by Susanne Swayze.

Looking Majestic

Looking Majestic“A beautiful young hawk flew by me and landed on a light post. Amazingly beautiful.” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Waiting for Dinner

Waiting for Dinner“A beautiful juvenile hawk flew from his perch on the lamppost where he landed and flew to land on top of the birdhouse, waiting patiently to eye his dinner…” Sent by Susanne Swayze.

Dressed in Stripes and Dots!

Dressed in Stripes and Dots!Paul Cuthbert was camping at Pinehurst Conservation Area when he caught sight of this beauty!

I’m Watching You!

I'm Watching You!A handsome Red-tail Hawk posing at Sassafras Point in beautiful Cootes Paradise. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Sitting Pretty!

Sitting Pretty!“Just happened to look out my window today and saw this hawk sitting on top of our mulberry tree!” says Alysha Kotlan.

Adorable Raptor?

Adorable Raptor?An oxymoron for sure but if a raptor could be considered adorable, I think this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk would certainly qualify.  Submitted by Lois McNaught.

Outdoor Visitor

Outside Visitor!This little guy is a regular visitor to the tree in front of our apartment. Submitted by Ian Strachan.

I Beg to Differ!

I Beg to Differ!This juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was hunting at Bayfront Park on a Sunday morning, when he (or she) provided me an irresistible photo op!  Submitted by Melanie Howarth.

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