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Fashion Show?

Fashion Show?Out for a drive on a very chilly winter day, Pat Brown, passed these beautiful horses in their lovely coats.

Beautiful Dundas

Beautiful Dundas“Out for a hike… lovely view from road in Dundas… we have so many wonderful conservation areas…” Submitted by Heather Petre.

A Beautiful Assortment!

A Beautiful Assortment!It’s good to get out of the barn even if it is a little chilly… these beautiful horses were spotted during our hike along the McCormick Trail in Dundas. Submitted by Judy Lancaster.

Living in Harmony!

Living in Harmony!Emily Seguin found these two horses happily sharing their space with these two little goats; they were so happy and content with each other that made her feel the same way.

Winter Wonderland Ride!

Winter Wonderland Ride!Cold weather and a little bit of snow didn’t stop these people from having a great day! Photo submitted by Val Harvey Patterson.

It’s So Cold That…

It's So Cold That...Even the horses need to wear warm coats in this weather. Submitted by Pat Brown.

Horses on a Field!

Horses on a Field!Caught these beauties enjoying the late summer sun one evening while out for a drive. Submitted by Carrianne James.

Bum Scratch?

Bum Scratch?Parker, our happy quarter horse, having a seemingly painless bum scratch from Dallas. Submitted by Jessica Spotts.

Beauty at it’s Best!

Beauty at it's Best!These three beauties were quite content to say cheese for the camera.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

I’m Seeing Double!

I'm Seeing Double!Horses, Bob and Bill, were enjoying a mild day in February. Submitted by Judy Gurman.

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